VINA TAN A Joint Stock Company has many years of experience. With a control process according to ISO standards along with a team of highly trained staff working with enthusiasm and high responsibility, we have created reputation and become a strategic partner of many domestic and foreign customers. on the international market.

2007 Established Vina Tan A Joint Stock Company

Vina Tan A Joint Stock Company was established on August 8, 2007, the company’s production field is Industrial Packaging.

Representative office located in Dong Nai.


Address: No. 9B, Street 1A, Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park, City. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province
Tel:  (0251) 8825 173   –   Fax: (0251) 8825 214


The products and services we are providing include the following areas

  1. BOPP bag (PP woven laminated film)

    BOPP bags produced by Vina Tan A are a multi-layer and high-end plastic packaging product line, which is widely used in industries such as:
    1. Agriculture: storing rice, aquatic products, fertilizers, seeds, animal feed,…)
    2. Industry: construction additives, chemicals,…
    The structure consists of a layer of BOPP printed gravure coated with a layer of woven PP fabric through a layer of coated PP plastic.

  2. LDPE Bags

    LDPE bags manufactured and supplied by Vina Tan A company on the market are an effective solution to protect packaged products from the harmful effects of moisture, odor, dirt, and mold. most especially, LDPE bags preserve raw food for longer, ensuring food hygiene according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

  3. PP woven packaging for rice

    – Woven pp bags for rice 10kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg
    – PP woven packaging for rice is one of the applications of the textile pp bag manufacturing industry, there are many materials used as rice packaging, but currently, PP woven packaging is the most used and most preferred based on advantages such as: Adapting to a load capacity of 5 – 50 kg/container, PP woven packaging is cheaper and has a higher load capacity than other materials.

  4. Jumbo Bags

    Jumbo bag (FIBC) is also known as bigbag, jumbo bag, bigbag, container bag,… is a type of container, which has a large size to hold and transport various types of products in the form of granules, powders, or pieces. is made from woven polypropylene (PP) and usually has a variable size depending on the type of product it contains inside.
    – Load capacity of bags: From 200 – 2500kg
    – Sewing style: flat bottom or square bottom
    – Jumbo bags today are produced in large sizes for export, including: bigbags, jumbo bags, container bags, large-format woven geotextiles with many types and sizes.

  5. 4-sided aluminum bag

    Food bags are 2-layer ≥ composite film packaging (also known as multi-layer).
    – Type of film used for gravure printing: OPP, PET, PA film can print up to 10 colors.
    – The inner layer for grafting we use: LLPE, MCPP, MPAT, AL…….
    – Composite films must meet the following criteria: Sharp printing, anti-ink smudge, good preservation.
    – Bags used for the food industry are very diverse and rich, very convenient for customers to use to store seafood products, dried goods, etc. Variety of designs.
    – The bag is processed according to advanced technology, making the surface of the bag clean and dust-free, that’s why the quality of the printed bag ensures the best when producing the finished product.

  6. Agricultural Coating Film

    Agricultural mulch film has a structure of 2 sides: one side black, one side silver or one side black, one side white.
    Agricultural mulch film is used to prevent weeds and loosen the soil, keep the soil warm, prevent harmful insects, etc. increase crop yield and product quality.

  7. Geotextiles

    Nonwoven geotextiles used in construction works are produced from petroleum products such as polyester or polypropylene.

    PP woven geotextile is a product manufactured in Vietnam that meets the technical requirements of quality and construction progress with the same weight compared to non-woven fabric but with large bearing force

  8. HDPE Waterproof Film

    HDPE waterproof tarpaulin produced according to the industrial process is a product from synthetic polymer in the form of rolls or sheets with a very low permeability coefficient.
    This is a specialized film, different from other films, with high bearing strength and long service life.
    – Lining the bottom of the landfill to prevent dirty water from the waste from leaking into the surrounding environment. Lining the bottom of wastewater treatment reservoirs before discharging into the environment such as anaerobic lakes, anaerobic lakes, biological lakes.
    – Covering landfills to solve environmental pollution problems such as preventing rainwater, collecting gas, preventing odors, preventing pollution, etc.
    – Lining the bottom and roof of aquaculture ponds to create a controlled farming environment, and at the same time prevent shore erosion, save operating costs, and facilitate harvesting.
    – Lining the bottom of the reservoir in the industrial park helps to create a stable water source or an isolated water reservoir for low-cost treatment.
    – Making a covering film on reservoirs of waste in industrial livestock farms; Biogas Tunnel; anaerobic lake…
    – Waterproofing construction for dikes, dams, canals, technical tunnels, basements, roofs


Mission of Vina Tan A Joint Stock Company:

  • Develop and manufacture innovative products by understanding market trends and consumer needs.
  • Using the latest raw materials and developing efficient production systems to provide customers with the best quality products at the most competitive prices.
  • Provide excellent customer service and build long-term relationships with customers.
  • Contributing to the development of the community and protecting the environment.

To carry out its mission, Vina Tan A is committed to:

  • Invest in research and development to create new and innovative products.
  • Improve the quality of products and services through the application of international standards.
  • Train and develop employees so that they can best meet the needs of customers.
  • Create a safe and healthy working environment for employees.
  • Protect the environment by using recycled materials and reduce waste.

Vina Tan A believes that by fulfilling these commitments, the company can achieve its goal of becoming a leader in the packaging industry.

In addition, Vina Tan A also has the following core values:

  • Honourable: Vina Tan A is committed to acting honestly and ethically in all business transactions.
  • Quality: Vina Tan A is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to customers.
  • Customer: Vina Tan A is committed to putting customers first and meeting all their needs.
  • Renovate: Vina Tan A is committed to continuous innovation to create better products and services.
  • Teamwork: Vina Tan A is committed to effective cooperation to achieve common goals.
  • Sustainable Development: Vina Tan A is committed to developing its business in a sustainable way to protect the environment and the community.

Vina Tan A believes that these core values will help the company achieve long-term success.



Mr. Hoang Van Dung
General manager
Former general director of Vina Tan A Joint Stock Company
Mr. Hoang Van Kien
CEO of Vina Tan A Joint Stock Company
Ms. Mai Thi Thanh Huong
Sales manager
Head of Sales Department of Vina Tan A Joint Stock Company


08/ 08/ 2007


Vina Tan A Joint Stock Company was established on 08/08/2007



The company expands its production scale

09/ 09/ 2009

Changed the company’s name to VINA TAN A JOINT STOCK COMPANY


Factory Construction

Construction of Geotextile Manufacturing Plant

16/ 06/ 2013

Branch Establishment

Establishment of VINA TAN A Ho Chi Minh City under Decision No. 63/QD-VNTA of the Corporation

26/ 08/ 2014

Branch Establishment

Establishment of VINA TAN A Hanoi

27/ 11/ 2015

Branch Establishment

Establishment of VINA TAN A Kien Giang


Production expansion

The company expands the production of sunshade nets, construction nets, and tarpaulins.



Scale expansion…


Develop new markets

Develop new markets …

250Domestic customers
12Foreign markets
26Provinces and cities in the country
3500Participating Projects

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